Riding High



The first draft, anyway. 12:27 a.m. Saturday, July 6.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then I’m sure you’ve already heard the news. I sat in my bed, my husband half asleep beside me, shouting my joy from the virtual rooftops.

This must be the highlight of the whole writing process—the afterglow of a freshly finished manuscript. Any author will tell you that writing is an emotional rollercoaster, full of highs and lows, but this has to be the highest of the highs.

Part of me never believed I could do this. Somewhere along the way, it would become too difficult, or I simply wouldn’t know what to write next. Well, those moments happened. There were days when I actually cried because it was so hard and scary. But I pushed through.

I slogged through the tough parts, cleaning up the mess later and shaping it into something worthwhile, and by the end the words were flowing easily. On Friday, I didn’t want to step away from my computer. I took it with me on our family day at the lake, squeezing in words here and there between boat rides.

When we took our final evening ride to watch the fireworks show at our local marina, I knew the end was within reach. I was only pages away, and could finish it that night. I sat in the boat with my family, watching the reflections of the fireworks sparkling across the water and listening to the booms echoing off the hills, and felt like this was my own personal celebration.

I can’t imagine a better feeling.

Now I know there’s still a tough road ahead. I’m already deep in my first round of edits, with at least two more rounds planned after that. Perhaps far more. Then it will be time to face the almost inevitable heartache and rejection of the querying and submission process.

But for now, I’m riding the high, and life doesn’t get much better than this.


37 thoughts on “Riding High

  1. Sue

    Oh, honey, just wait until it sells! And then there’s release day and positive reviews! The highs just get higher. 🙂 I’m so happy for you and proud, too. Congrats!

  2. richardstephens1

    Congratulation. But as they say, writing is re-writing. My favorite moment was when the first proof of my first book in print version showed up on the doorstep. All the hours(Months) of work held in my hot little hands. I called everyone.
    Have fun and enjoy the process.

  3. Ifeoma Dennis

    Congrats!! I could feel your happiness jumping off the page 🙂
    I have the same fear with writing too- will I finish, will I get stuck?- and it’s great to see you succeed in spite of your fears.
    Good luck!

  4. selfxt

    The End by Sharon….yea! It is a great feeling.

    Do you want to take me up on that five page “deal” if so email


    1. S. D. Keeling Post author


      I’ve been so lost is my story world, I can barely remember what happened yesterday. 😉 I’m going to need a reminder of what you proposed.

  5. wanda

    It is a great feeling to write ‘the end’. Even though it’s really not with edit after edit. But what I’ve been privileged to read so far really doesn’t need that much editing. Congrats!

    1. S. D. Keeling Post author

      Thank you, Wanda! It’s the end of the part I wasn’t sure I could do. I know I can edit–that’s just a matter of hard work and craft. Not nearly as scary as wondering whether your brain will continue to supply enough story details to fill a book.

    1. S. D. Keeling Post author

      I was about to send you a message about those beta reading skills, Sheila! I want to complete the first editing pass first, and then I definitely want your input!

  6. Lisa Medley

    Congrats!!!! I’m sure you feel like a superhero in disguise 🙂 So proud of you! Banish any future doubts as to whether or not you are a WRITER…because…you ARE! 🙂 xxxooo

  7. susan Keene

    Congrats. And to top that off, your books come out almost edited. It is a great story. When it comes out, I can’t wait to read it from beginning to end.

  8. Beth Carter

    BIG congrats. I remember exactly where I was when I penned “The End.” It’s thrilling.

    I loved how you had the celebratory fireworks to capture your mood. Nice.

    Enjoy the moment. Soak it up.

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