Still Battling the Demons

It’s nearly the end of January. Not sure how that happened. I don’t think it’s legal to set your New Year’s resolutions in February, even if you do have excellent reasons for being behind schedule (see my last post), so it’s time to get this done. Top of my list? Tackling my issues with procrastination.

Yeah, that was a joke, but I’m also completely serious. Remember the post where I said my twin demons were perfectionism and procrastination? Those demons have been kicking me around more than I realized. I’ve been reading a book by Richard Winter, PERFECTING OURSELVES TO DEATH: THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND THE PERILS OF PERFECTIONISM. Many of Winter’s words hit home for me—sometimes painfully so. Now that I understand the basis for my struggles with procrastination, doubt and indecision, I’m determined drive those demons back to the dark cave where they belong.

From the 15th-century Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves.

From the 15th-century Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves.

My Other Goals for 2014

I’ll spare you all my personal resolutions about broccoli, elliptical machines and being more patient with my boys and get straight to the writing-related goals.

Number one—submit THE AMULET OF ISIS to agents. Then submit some more. Repeat as necessary. I can’t say that I’ll have an agent and publishing contract by the end of the year—that’s not under my control. But I can resolve to keep submitting. I’m waiting for feedback from a few important beta readers before I send my baby out into the world, but the day is coming soon.

Number two—research, plot and draft book two of the series. I’ve got the ball rolling on this one, but there’s a lot of work ahead. Fun work, though.

Those two are the biggies. Everything else is little stuff—myriad ways to expand and refine my social media presence and prepare to market my novel once it’s published.

So how did I do in 2013?

Health and fitness—um, I can pretty much cut and paste last year’s goals into this year’s resolutions. Ditto with home organization. I didn’t make much progress on either front. If I’m honest with myself, those simply weren’t my priorities. What were? My little boys, of course. And my writing.

I looked back at my New Year’s 2013 post today—my first blog post ever. It was brimming with optimism for the coming year. Why? Because this was going to be the year I finally wrote a novel. And I did.

“When next December rolls around, no doubt I’ll still need to lose weight, to organize my house and to search for an agent, but I will have completed my first novel.

And that will make 2013 something special.”

I was right. 2013 was something special. But 2014 has the potential to be even better.


28 thoughts on “Still Battling the Demons

  1. Jennifer

    Very proud of your successes-all of them. My only goal is to make the house (and cat) dog resistant before the 1st of April.

    1. Tierney James

      I so enjoy your posts! I hope you find the time to share more with your fans. It’s hard to juggle everything when your a young mother. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chuck Robertson

    Perfection and Procrastination are indeed twin demons. I’m wondering if those of us who have them aren’t afraid of failure, but rather success.

  3. Russell keeling

    I agree with all of the other replies regarding the prospects for 2014. It is going to be an amazing year. You have set and remembered proper priorities, thoughtfully planned and followed throug with admirable persistence, and now are ready to begin enjoying the rewards. I’m looking forward to watching it happen.

  4. lisawellsauthor

    OMG – have you not sent your baby out to agents yet? Ugh. I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to say I told you so. Hop to it girl. I’m going to live vicariously through your success. :/

    1. S. D. Keeling Post author

      The chorus of people telling me to SEND IT ALREADY is steadily growing. A few more weeks to get feedback from betas and make necessary revisions, then I agree, it’s time!

  5. Beth Carter

    Great post, Sharon. I battle those same demons–perfectionism and procrastination. I have yet to write my New Year’s post (see, I’m worse than you!)

    You are READY to send your baby out into the world. Stop sending it to betas unless they’re all published best sellers. I think you’ve done enough. Remember all those awards you won at OWL back in November? Everyone loved your book, couldn’t wait to buy it and read it. An editor will edit it anyway. You write VERY well. (Again, note ALL of those contests you won!). Like Lisa said, “Just do it.” And ditto to what Chris said. Query, submit, attend conferences, pitch to agents and editors and don’t forget the online pitches. That’s how I sold as well.

    1. S. D. Keeling Post author

      This round of betas are mostly readers, not writers, including several in my target age group. That’s a perspective I really haven’t gotten yet. But I’m close! Just a few more weeks.


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